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I’m recruiting for a D&D 3.5 horror/ adventure game.

Basic info

Game days: Sundays, 2 – 3 per month

Game time: Time to be determined, all times mentioned (at a later date) will be in CST format

Game format: To be determined

Online: online program to be determined at a later date. Among formats I’m considering as format- OpenRpg (any other suggestions?)

Tabletop: I’ll have to figure out where or someone else would have to host the game.

Pls note: I am looking to start the game anywhere from 2 – 3 months from now.

Players needed: I need a minimum of 5-6 players, with a variety of classes

Character rolling: 2d6+6, which makes a range from 8- 18 (though if you get too low of a score, I’ll likely have you reroll)

Additional Stat:

Comeliness: Because I don’t like Charisma per se as it is, I’m breaking it up into Charisma and Comeliness. Charisma represents how strong your force of personality is. Comeliness, on the other hand, represents how beautiful or attractive you are. You can choose your Comeliness. Please note: I don’t want a party with nothing but extremely beautiful/ attractive people. Most people have an “average” score of 10-11. There are those who are ugly and have a score of 3-4, but those should be few. Paladins, Bards/ Rogues, (some) Fighters, Clerics, Druids, and Monks could be considered rather attractive (14+), but they are in the minority of the populace. Comeliness also affects your character’s ability to haggle (bonuses or penalties will be based on the class and situation) and to get laid. Everyone should not be extraordinarily beautiful or handsome, but on the other hand, everone needn’t be ugly either. Comliness is like any other stat, though. It can be the subject to drain. It can be raised by magic items (and often will instead of Charisma). A Comliness score of 3 or lower means that the character is so horrifically disfigured that they break mirrors, animals flee, and people think you’ve got some horrific communicatable disease. A nonexistant Comliness score means that it doesn’t matter. Most undead mindless undead have a Come. If your Comliness ever gets to 0 due to drain, it means you’re either dead (if permenant drain) or helpless, unable to take any actions (even purely mental ones) from abject self horror and loathing.

Speed Alteration

For every +1 bonus to Dexterity, you gain an additional +5 feat to your character’s speed (this affects all forms of transportation, including such things as Expiditious Retreat) This is in addition to the standard 20 or 30 feet characters get. In addition to this bonus there is a significant drawback: characters are Fatigued at the end of the battle (so if your character performed actions that would make him Fatigued already s/he would be Exhausted, and if performed actions that would make them Exhausted, they drop to the ground and are considered Helpless but in addition to physical inactivity, they cannot take any mental activity), but unlike the normal condition, this wears off in an hour of slower activity (or 2 if Exhausted, or 6 hours if exhausted).

This is a horror campaign. I’m using sanity, horror, madness, fear and taint rules,

Alignment CN or above

Interested? Write me back at

Please note: if you’re interested, but (once you see my rules adjustments) you think that it’s a bit too complex, I’m willing to work with you to make your character.

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